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TreeHouse is home to a set of chicks and ducks for 10 days

On Monday 24th April for 10 days, TreeHouse School became home to a set of chick and duck eggs.

A hatchery was set-up in a school classroom, so pupils could look through the window and watch the eggs hatch. The eggs were incubated and a few hours after they hatched, the birds were transfered to the brooding unit. 

Staff set up a live camera, so pupils could watch it back if they missed the hatching. Pupils learnt about the life cycle of chicks and ducks and could watch them grow first hand.

After the chicks and ducks were a few days old, pupils went in to meet them and got to hold them. They've been busy drawing pictures too. 

It has been a brilliant way to bring the curriculum to life and pupils have developed science, literary, numeracy and art skills. Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as have staff! 

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